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maandag 9 oktober 2017


PV CYCLE and RINOVASOL join forces to make PV Panel
recycling greener and more profitable by offering global services
Already offering waste management and legal compliance services for companies and waste holders around the world, PV CYCLE has signed an agreement with RINOVASOL, the global specialist in the refurbishment of photovoltaic panels to launch the GLOBAL MEMBERSHIP CERTIFICATION and to ensure a complete life cycle of solar panels after being placed on the market.

The Global Membership Certification issued from the agreement between PV CYCLE and RINOVASOL will offer to its holder located anywhere in the world, the recycling services by PV CYCLE which has already been offered for the last decade as well as access to the Refurbishment Program of RINOVASOL. The treatment of discarded PV panels will be even more environmentally friendly and cost efficient with the integration of Rinovasol's refurbishing technology.

After a quality analysis, suitable panels for refurbishment will be repaired and put back on the market by RINOVASOL with a guarantee of up to 10 years, while the remaining panels will follow the standard recycling process of PV CYCLE.
PV CYCLE is now member of the Global Solar Council who elected Jan Clyncke as Director
The Global Solar Council is an international organization founded in 2015 to coordinate the efforts of the world's solar energy associations.

Jan Clyncke joined PV CYCLE as Managing Director as of 1 April 2008.
He graduated with a Bachelor of Law from the University of Ghent in 1991. He continued his studies at Ehsal and Vlerick Management School. In his early career he worked as a manager of Production & Logistics in the meat industry before moving into the waste management sector. He was employed by the Dutch AVR-Van Gansewinkel Group where he executed several positions such as Project manager, Legal Environment and Government Affairs manager Benelux. In the last three years before joining PV CYCLE, he was in this Dutch company responsible for Corporate Health, Safety and Environment.

He has experience in setting up of voluntary and mandatory take-back schemes in Belgium and the Netherlands in household and industrial packaging waste, tyre waste, vegetable oil & fat waste, waste oil (lubricants), waste on electrical and electronic equipment, empty paint tin waste, flat glass waste, photochemical waste, etc

17th International Electronics Recycling Congress IERC 2018
IERC 2018 - The biggest WEEE Conference of EUROPE will take place in Salzburg from 17 to 18 January 2018. The opportunity for Jan Clyncke, CEO of PV CYCLE to give his point of view as a specialist in this field.

For more information and registration, visit the IERC website.
Other Important Dates
Workshop: Future development of PV in Luxembourg

Date and time: 13 October, 2017
from 13:45 to 17:00
Place: Ministry of the Economy, 19- 21 boulevard Royal, L-2449 Luxembourg – Salle E08/E09

Workshop: EMIRI Tech Talk' on PV & CSP
(photovoltaics & concentrated solar power)

Date and time: 24 October, 2017
from 10:00 to 14:00
Place: Science 14 Atrium, Rue de la Science 14b, 1040 Brussels

PV CYCLE is now member of Solar Heat Europe

Solar Heat Europe's mission is to achieve high priority and acceptance for solar heat as a key element for sustainable heating and cooling in Europe and, with immediate effect, to work for the implementation of all necessary steps to realise the high potential of solar heat.

​PV CYCLE France introduces new scales of eco-participations from 2018

The revision of the eco-participation scale now makes it possible to differentiate the actual costs for each photovoltaic panel technology. In order to distribute the financial impact of the management of used photovoltaic panels as fairly as possible. The recasting of the scale also makes it possible to better take into account the diversity of equipment placed on the market.

Let's work together to make the sun brighter!

Intersolar North America
Tackling solar PV recycling in the United States & worldwide - Jan Clyncke, PV CYCLE

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